Fouad WhatsApp update download apk latest version anti-ban

Fouad WhatsApp 9.41 has amazing features that will allow you to delete your old Fouad WhatsApp to get the latest version. Trust me, FM MODS does not disappoint. They are sure you will love this version. You can click the Fouad WhatsApp download link to enjoy!

download fouad whatsapp

It's a good idea to know what the software does before using it. This way you can be sure that you are using the WA Mod software that really suits your daily needs, Fouad WhatsApp update features include


Fouad WhatsApp update download apk latest version anti-ban

Send files for free

One of the features of the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp Apk is the ability to provide files of any size for free. It is well known that by using regular WA, users cannot violate the maximum limit when sending files or data. With the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp update, you can freely receive or send images and files at once without sending them all. Usually WA limits you to submitting 30 images at a time, but with Fouad WhatsApp you can send more. This is certainly easier for those who really need WhatsApp with a lot of expeditionary capabilities. Using this chat software can completely send up to 1 GB files.


 The theme is diverse

When using Original WhatsApp, the entire interface only has a green theme and a dark theme, with no other theme to choose from. These two themes are sure to annoy you if you want to change the WA theme, but WhatsApp doesn't offer these features. Unlike this modified Fouad WhatsApp update, you can choose from thousands of topics provided by the developer. The theme has even been modernized so that it can be used without in-app payments.


Hide View View the status

To see the status of others while you are using the original WhatsApp, your account will look as if you saw their status. Unlike the latest version Fouad WhatsApp Apk, when they see the location of others, they do not understand that we have seen their status. With this feature, you can view the location of other users without worrying. This is because even if you repeatedly check their positions, our account still does not show their positions.


Read deleted messages

With the Fouad WhatsApp update, you can read deleted messages. You cannot get this functionality with regular WA because deleted messages immediately change their description. Description is that the message has been deleted and the person viewing or sending the message cannot read the message. This feature works in both private and group chats, so you can always find all messages sent by others.


Safety function

Interestingly, the Fouad WhatsApp latest version apk has the most reliable security feature where you can lock all chats or chats so that others cannot find them. You can activate this feature as long as you want to avoid individual messages from friends or friends who often borrow your smartphone. You certainly won't find this feature in the original version, so we recommend that you use at most the Fouad WhatsApp latest version.


Seven-minute video status

In general, to create videos with the original WhatsApp status, users can of course only create fairly short videos of no more than 30 seconds. Another option you can do is to use Fouad WhatsApp update, which features the ability to produce videos of the longest duration, seven minutes, in a WA location without being cut off. Isn't it unique? If you're curious, try it for yourself now.


Remove the online status

Some users of the WhatsApp chat app may want to eliminate online locations for privacy or other reasons. This can be easily done by using the Fouad WhatsApp latest version apk, which has features that allow you to eliminate online posts. You can always activate this feature, which is of course easy to do.


Font selection

In addition to the many theme options available for free, the developers of the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp download haven't forgotten to embed some of the coolest and most interesting fonts/letters. You can match these fonts to any font for free. Of course, this business will create more complex fonts than ever before.


Have attractive emojis

The presence of emojis in instant messaging apps is definitely one of the most important items that can be used to express your feelings or enliven a conversation. Fouad WhatsApp is full of cool, fun, and fun emoticons. You can download all of these emojis for free in the Fouad WhatsApp latest version apk.


Download friend stories

Fouad WhatsApp update focuses on the ability to download stories or posts created by other users very easily and quickly. The developers of the WA Mod software provide a download menu below the story. These stories are automatically saved in your respective smartphone gallery. 

That's all for downloading the Fouad WhatsApp latest version If you are interested in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp Apk, you can click the Fouad WhatsApp download link in this article. After downloading the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, You can experience this awesome mod!

New Feature 2022 of Fouad WhatsApp: Shake to Meet New Friends

In today’s society, we are often busy with work, family, study, etc., while ignoring other interesting and surprising things. Fortunately, we now live in the digital age where a lot of important things can be done with a single click. One of them is finding new friends. Do you want to chat with new friends? Fouad WhatsApp has launched an exciting and cool feature: Fouad WhatsApp Shake.

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New Feature 2022 of Fouad WhatsApp: Shake to Meet New Friends

Fouad WhatsApp Shake is a random dating application launched by WhatsApp. By shaking the phone or clicking a button to simulate shaking, it can match Fouad WhatsApp users who trigger this function at the same time, thereby increasing the interaction between users and Fouad WhatsApp stickiness.

Simply put, consider using Fouad WhatsApp’s shake function to find other people who are also shaking their phones and want to chat or talk.

How to use Fouad WhatsApp Shake?

To use the shake feature in Fouad WhatsApp, you can follow these easy steps.

  • Open your Fouad WhatsApp then tap on the shake bar.
  • Shake your phone.
  • Fouad WhatsApp will match you with someone who shakes your phone at the same time as you, and you can send a greeting or wait for someone to give you a hello


If you want a specific location as your target, you can click on people nearby and set your target location. You can choose a specific person to chat from the list that will display. With Fouad WhatsApp Shake, you can meet new friends from all over the world even if you are far away from them. You can know what’s going on elsewhere through them and learn something new from them. Try it now!


No Registration

Fouad WhatsApp Shake does not require you to fill out a repository to sign up for an additional account. The feature also doesn’t update automatically. It’s up to you to update it.

Data Protection

Fouad WhatsApp Shake also has comprehensive privacy setting functions so that matched people can’t know any of your information, which enabled you tailor your security level according to needs

Note :

Making friends is wonderful, but be careful .Please avoid sharing your personal information with strangers you know here. Especially if someone asks you for money or something of monetary value, please tell us about her/his. We will deal with your complaint.

Rich and funny stickers! Yo WhatsApp will be available to you

The Yo WhatsApp APK development team has created many interesting and rich extra features for users. Do you know which ones are there, dear friends? By downloading the latest version of Yo WhatsApp you can enjoy custom themes, hide your online status, play with Yo WhatsApp widgets and much more. At present, the number of users of Yo WhatsApp latest version is gradually increasing, and the sticker function of Yo WhatsApp is also widely used.

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Rich and funny stickers! Yo WhatsApp will be available to you

The sticker feature is one of the most popular tools we use when chatting. Not only does it add fun to our communication, but it can also convey different emotions. When you are chatting with your family or friends, and words cannot express your inner feelings, you can use stickers to convey your feelings. When you are talking to a new friend, trust me, Yo WhatsApp’s sticker feature is definitely a friendly helper. Not only will it help you avoid awkwardness in your chat, it will also liven up your conversation! Trust me, with Yo WhatsApp’s sticker feature, it will definitely blow your mind!

About Yo WhatsApp stickers


The stickers for Yo WhatsApp APK are free. These stickers have different themes. Each theme is very attractive. You don’t have to worry that Yo WhatsApp APK will charge you for them in other ways. You can enjoy them all in Yo WhatsApp chat.


If the stickers in Yo WhatsApp latest version do not meet your needs, or you have more like stickers, you can import your favourite stickers into the Yo WhatsApp sticker library. Yo WhatsApp sticker library has an “Add” button.

Preview and confirm

This is a very sweet feature. When you select a sticker to send to a contact, the system will give you a preview of the sticker before sending it and will prompt you to confirm sending.

Yo WhatsApp Stickers

If you are interested in YO WhatsApp APK, please click the button below to jump to the Fouad WhatsApp download page!